Who We Are

Mineral Right Buyer is a privately held company focused primarily on the acquisition of producing and non-producing minerals and royalties throughout the continental U.S. We actively purchase a variety of both leased and unleased mineral rights, royalty interests, and nonparticipating royalty interests. Through affiliated entities we also acquire overriding royalties, working interest, water rights, wind royalties, and surface interests.

We work with companies, individuals, estates, trusts and heirs to help liquidate or identify and evaluate value in mineral rights ownership. We purchase producing and non-producing, leased and non-leased mineral acreage of all sizes. We purchase these interests from individuals, estates, trusts, heirs and help navigate the complicated process of identifying value and selling mineral right assets. Many forms of ownership include Overriding royalty interests, royalty interests, working interests, lease interests, mineral actress etc.) As well as non producing holdings (mineral rights, Land and mineral rights etc.). If you would like to sell mineral rights to a property you own, please contact us to discover how we can help you

If you wish to sell mineral rights, oil and gas royalties then send us your info on the properties and we will review and make a quick offer. We purchase oil royalties from all over the United States. We need only a few documents to start the process so use our online form to right or call us at 866-609-3931 and we will evaluate your producing or non-producing mineral rights or oil and gas royalty. By selling your oil royalties you can eliminate the risk of commodities fluctuations and depletion of the assets.