The Process

We buy producing and non-producing mineral rights throughout the United States including areas such as Marcellus, Utica, Haynesville, Barnett, Fayetteville, Backend, Pearsall, Woodford, Caney, and other shale areas!

If you wish to sell mineral rights, oil and gas royalties then send us your info on the properties and we will review and make a quick offer. We purchase oil royalties from all over the United States. We need only a few documents to start the process so use our online form and we will evaluate your producing or non-producing mineral rights or oil and gas royalty. By selling your oil royalties you can eliminate the risk of commodities fluctuations and depletion of the assets.

We can settle in as quickly as few days and you can have CASH in hand when you need it! Sell your mineral rights and oil and gas royalties in 3 easy steps:

The Steps:

Fill out the online form or call us at 866-609-3931

Following a cursory review of your property information we will make contact to inform you that we are either beginning the evaluation process or that your property does not meet our acquisition objectives at this time. In limited circumstances you may be asked to provide us with additional information about your property before we can evaluate it fully.

Once we are provided with the pertinent information your work ends and ours begins. Because every oil and/or gas interest is unique the specific attributes associated with your property interest(s) will dictate the amount of time it takes us to fully evaluate it. Historically you can expect to receive an offer within 1 to 3 business days (for one property).

. You decide if you want to accept our offer – NO OBLIGATION. We will express you the information and documents needed and you can have cash in hand quickly!