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Mineral Right Buyer works with companies, individuals, estates, trusts and heirs to help liquidate or identify and evaluate value in mineral rights ownership. We purchase producing and non-producing, leased and non-leased mineral acreage of all sizes. We purchase these interests from individuals, estates, trusts, heirs and help navigate the complicated process of identifying value and selling mineral right assets. If you wish to sell mineral rights, oil and gas royalties then call Doug at 866-609-3931 or complete our easy online form!

How our process works

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Let’s talk: Request an offer online or fill out our general contact form. In most cases, we will get back to you within one business day. We value customer service above all else and aim to be as quick and informative as possible during this process.

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We realize that no two oil and gas properties are exactly alike. This allows us to individually value every property in a unique and fair way. Once you provide us with your mineral or royalty details, we will evaluate your property and send you a formal bid.

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There is no obligation to accept our offer. We will help to answer any questions you may have about our offer or our process.

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If you decide to accept our offer, we’ll provide detailed closing information and will arrange for payment immediately in whatever way best suits your needs.

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Why Sell?

Over the years we have realized that customers are interested in selling their royalties and minerals for a variety of reasons. From selling a portion of royalty interest to add income for retirement, to selling non-producing minerals to help pay for a child’s college tuition, each customer is different.

Reasons owners may wish to sell:

  • quick lump-sum cash
  • tax savings
  • debt relief + financial burdens
  • estate planning
  • money for other investments: weddings, college expenses, down paymnets
  • elimination of accounting dassles

Whatever the reason, Mineral Rights will seek to offer you a fair, honest price for your assets.

How We Value

There are no properties are ever valued in exactly the same way, some common factors involved in our valuation method are:

Reasons owners have a benefit:

  • current oil & gas prices
  • number of producing wells
  • reservoir of producing well
  • reservoir characteristics
  • type of interest
  • upside/downside potential

Our team performs and in-depth analysis of these factors in order to find a fair and agreeable price.

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