We buy producing and non-producing mineral rights throughout the United States including areas such as California, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Montana, North Dakota Shales, Wyoming, Nebraska, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas.

We have many years of industry knowledge and experience, we strive to get you the highest price when you sell your mineral rights.

Locations Of Interest

At the Mineral Rights, we can help people across the nation to sell their mineral rights or their gas and oil royalties. Regardless of what your specific situation happens to be, it is likely that we can help you put your gas, oil, or mineral rights up for sale. Whether you have producing or non-producing mineral rights, an existing oil or gas lease, or you are only looking to sell a portion of your overall mineral rights. We have over 5,500 interested buyers to help you get the very best price possible. Please call Doug at (866) 609-3931 or complete our easy online form for scheduling a free case evaluation.

"Working with Mineral-Rights.com was a great experience. For my Caddo Parish minerals I wanted to sell, they significantly beat my other offers I had on the table and provided for a quick and easy way to settle the transaction using and escrow company that did all the paperwork for us." ~ Harlan C.

"I just wanted to let everyone know how much of a pleasure it was working with all of you at Mineral Right Buyer. Your expertise and great customer service made my leased mineral sale transaction painless. As you know, I sent out several inquires over the internet, and your company was the only one to respond. Your offer was fair and the speed at which we closed the transaction was far better that I expected. Thanks! " - Paul M. - Weld County, CO