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Mineral Right Buyer works with companies, individuals, estates, trusts and heirs to help liquidate or identify and evaluate value in mineral rights ownership. We purchase producing and non-producing, leased and non-leased mineral acreage of all sizes. We purchase these interests from individuals, estates, trusts, heirs and help navigate the complicated process of identifying value and selling mineral right assets. Many forms of ownership include Overriding royalty interests, royalty interests, working interests, lease interests, mineral actress etc.) As well as non producing holdings (mineral rights, Land and mineral rights etc.). If you would like to sell mineral rights to a property you own, please contact us to discover how we can help you.

Oil and Gas Royalties / Oil Royalties

If you wish to sell mineral rights, oil and gas royalties then send us your info on the properties and we will review and make a quick offer. We purchase oil royalties from all over the United States. We need only a few documents to start the process so use our online form and we will evaluate your producing or non-producing mineral rights or oil and gas royalty. By selling your oil royalties you can eliminate the risk of commodities fluctuations and depletion of the assets.

  • Establish Value – After you submit a few documents and information we can generate a value and make an offer.
  • Make Offer – We make you a cash offer and can settle in as little as 48 hours in some cases. Most transactions settle between one and two weeks but we work with you and your timeline in order to provide a painless experience.
  • Easy Process – Mineral-Rights.com handles all the paperwork and filings for you so no hassle.
  • No Costs to you – Our offer is our offer no hidden fees or costs for you to consider.
  • No Obligation – You have no risk or obligation and don’t need to accept our offer.

Call us at 866-609-3931 to find out more now or use our easy online form!

Reasons to Sell?

Cash is King

Selling a portion of an interest guarantees some cash now while reduces the level of risk the interest is exposed to going forward.

Risk and Timing

Muck like the mining and old-growth forestry industries, the petroleum industry is also faced with harvesting depleting non-renewable resources.

Eliminate the Paperwork

Tax preparation, operator and purchaser correspondence, maintaining division order files and property tax records.

Portfolio Reclassification

Current income and age, risk allocation, and expected return are usually foundational points of discussion regarding a personal investment strategy.

Your Source for liquidating mineral rights and oil and gas royalties

What our clients say

"Working with Mineral-Rights.com was a great experience. For my Caddo Parish minerals I wanted to sell, they significantly beat my other offers I had on the table and provided for a quick and easy way to settle the transaction using and escrow company that did all the paperwork for us."

Harlan C. - Cimarron, OK

"Working with Mineral-Rights.com was great. They drafted all the paperwork and made the process painless, quick and easy and we had our money within one week using an escrow firm. I would definitely refer them to anyone looking to sell their oil or gas properties or mineral rights."

M. Barkan - Johnson County - TX

"Thanks for making my experience a simple and pleasent one. Wanting to sell my royalty interest, you and your team made it quick, while allowing me a fair price, still keeping within my time line. I would be most happy to recommend this company to any one thinking of selling their interest."

Mark B - Rockport, TX